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Sgt Pepper Photo Gallery

Carmen calls him Sgt. Pepper but I call him Pee pper as pees at sometimes as soon as he gets in the house after being out for hours. But he is good when in the car and hasn't had any accidents there. He would hang out with me on my trips to town for physio and was in the car for over an hour. Then we would head for Tim Hortons but he doesn't like the donuts, just the peanut butter cookies. He is fussy about what he eats.

He is a sweet little guy but a pain in the neck. If not on a lease he is off wandering around the place. There are critters out here that would have him for a nice snack so we have to watch him all the time.

He is very friendly and we nearly lost him to some people driving by one day. He doesn't care who you are. Pet him and he is your best buddy.

He does like making puppies and always ready to get busy.

He is in love with our Border Collie/Lab "Tippy" but she just likes to tease the little guy.



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