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Just a few kittens right now.

Been a while since we has some kittens.

The dogs have been busy and were breeding last week again.

 Been busy around the farm this time of year nice to be outside.

Carmen is ill and off work for a few months to get better.

Web Changes

Still lots of work to do on all our sites.

Would like to add more videos and discussion groups.

Have a Facebook page for the kittens which seems to be working out nice.

Have thousands of kitten and puppy pictures but not the time to organize them all

Lot of reno work to do on the house still

- dining room 25% there

- sunroom 65% there if that.

- new garage to be built and a new roof on the old garage .

- lots of plants to get in the ground and others to be transplanted.

- have to retrieve lots of stone from the fence lines for the garden and fireplace

- need to work on the cat sanctuary in one of the barns. Their place away to play and relax so we can rotate them through the house in smaller numbers so we all get to spend more time together. But it has to be a safe and warm place for them with lots of room to roam and play. The barns are bit but old and need lots of work. Also would like to have it so they could go out but risks there are the hawks living in the tower in the field south of us and coyotes and other predators. Right now a couple are in a small summer house but it is not ideal. While the others have the free roam of the house.

Dogs kennel that we built outside last year is working excellent. Still in the process of renovating the shed for winter for them. Rats chewed through the wooden walls to get there food. Now I have to rip out some of the insulation and line it with metal. Also noticed two leaks in the roof yesterday but shingles all look good. Want to put new windows and doors and wiring in this building before insulating and finishing the walls. Have got some new ceiling beans cut and some installed but still work to do. Also would like to run water out there year round so will mean digging down below the frost line and will sink the hydro lines too. Have an old metal bath  tub would like to put in there to bath them in. Teddy Bear is keeping me company now and asleep on the floor beside me.



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