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We  have three kittens currently who will be ready to go Oct 23, 2013

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Having fun

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We have beautiful Himalayan cats with great personalities.

We have six adult Himalayan Cats.

  1. Ms. Harmony
  2. Ms. MoMo
  3. Ms. Jewel
  4. Ms. Hong Kong
  5. Ms. Coco
  6. Mr. Junior

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Key Benefits

  • Our Kittens are home raised with other pets.
  • Our pets are well fed, live in the country with lots of fresh air.

Basic Price Range



Seal Point $250 - $400
Flame Point $250 - $450

Currently our cats, kittens, dogs and puppies share a fairly large old farm house that is under renovations.

Once the farmhouse is renovated we will be looking at modifying some of our barns for some year round indoor outdoor play areas for our the pets. This is so they will have more space to run about on rainy and snowy day inside out of the cold or damp weather.

They have fairly large run areas outside but it is only good for warm dry days. We have lots of property but there are also predators outside. Any time we have had barn cats they always seem to vanish. For the most part out pets are indoor unless we are out with them. Budha loves to go with Carmen when she gathers eggs and feeds the chickens in the evening.


We no longer provide vet visits for our kittens as we have lowered our prices considerably.

We would also prefer you to have them checked with your vet immediately following your purchase.

If there is a problem we will take the kitten back and refund you the purchase price or replace it, if done within the first week after purchasing..


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